Monday, June 09, 2008

Bad Mommy

We took the kids swimming yesterday and had a ball. I have 4 that are instantly tan and 3 that burn within minutes. How is that possible? I put sunscreen on Ava and Michael about every hour and so thick it was still white so they had to wait about 10 minutes for it to soak in before getting wet again. Fried! Ava is much worse than my son and I feel terrible. I used a great product and even splurged and got the spray stuff that I love. Poor things were miserable all night and today.

I periodically check my oldest's email b/c I don't trust her. She was aware this was my rule when I opened it for her. I noticed she changed her password a couple of weeks ago and kept forgetting to ask for it. I asked her last night and her eyes got so wide I thought they would pop out of her pretty little head. I waited patiently to check it b/c I wanted to see her squirm and that she did. LOL

I peeked in it this morning and looked at all her sent messages. She had no idea she could erase them and I am thinking I will keep this little tidbit to myself. I saw only one girl using poor language and she seemed a bit angry, calling another girl and f n b while making fun of her. I noticed my dd was talking about a party we were considering letting her go to after her birthday party on Saturday. The Mother is super nice and asked if she could go with her son to her dd's pool party. She promised to keep a close eye on them and we shared the same concerns about their friendship. They are 11 and 12 and WAY too young to be "going together" and they had broken up a few weeks ago but seemed to remain friends. I was a little more comfortable than my DH and the AT since the Mother and I talked. Now that I have read her email we canceled the pool party, she was planning to KISS him. I don't think it would have played out but she PLANNED it.

I know this is normal stuff and kids do start experimenting but it just means I still can't trust her out of my sight. I really want her to have a social life. I would love for her to have friends and sleepovers (girls, of course) but I can't. I think this is harder on me than it is her. I don't want to tell her friend's parents, "Hey, watch my kid extra close with your dd/son b/c she has a habit of putting the moves on kids and can't be trusted out of your sight."

On the bright side, at least this kid is not a relative and age appropriate even though he is the size of a Kindergartner. That is progress, right?

Our party is in full planning mode. No one is coming but we are gonna have a ball anyway. I think only 5 kids R.S.V.P.'d out of 120 invitations. I am not kidding. I let them give them out to every kid in their class, every teacher they knew, everyone on the bus, and now I am sending more out to Ruthie's summer school class. I hope we are pleasantly surprised on Saturday.

I rented a huge Moonwalk and Slide, we get to keep them all weekend. We will have hamburgers and hot dogs, chips, pickles, and tons of soda. We are having a tug of war, sack race, and a couple of other games they loved from Field Day. I spent over a $100 on their goody bags and only bought stuff I liked so I wouldn't be upset if we had lots of it left. You know like, disappearing ink, paddle games, bottle caps, pop rocks, noise putty, bloody gumball eyes (they have a cherry goo in the middle), and bouncing balls to name a few.

I have to clean our carpet, find the dog a home, get an estimate for repainting the house, go shopping, and catch up on laundry in the next few days. No problem. LOL


My name is Andy. said...

Tudu, I hope that lots of kids show up for the party, it sounds like fun! Liam and I would be there if you were a tad bit closer!!

Lyn said...

I had the same fear this year with my boys, that no one would show up for thier b-day party...we didn't hire any extra help because we only expected like two kids to come but in the end we had more like 16 kids all 5 and under! It was crazy fun! I hope it goes well and the kids have a blast!!

MrsLilypond said...

I wouldn't worry too much about rsvp's, sadly most people, don't bother to fill them out but they do still show up.

and yes an age appropriate, non relation person, is big step forward!

Kellie said...

Oh my gosh! I want you to adopt ME so you can throw my birthday parties every year! I hope y'all have a wonderful time.

Lorie said...

I wanna come to the party!!!! So does Aria! Waaaahhhh.....I want more money. Someday, when you least expect it me and the kids are showing up to one of these things...they sound like too much fun!

Please mail me an eyeball...I WANT AN EYEBALL!!!