Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

I am a liar and I don't care. Every time I get on this computer I am interrupted with multiple IMs for Frankee. Her random potential lovers are always on the prowl and it is irritating. They are either trying to talk to her here or calling MY cell phone. I have started telling them she is out with her husband for the night. It is a lie but I am hoping they will go away.

We took the 8 kids to our favorite Mexican Restaurant and it was touch in go if all would be able to go. We managed to pull it off with very little drama. Cyr was so funny and announced after one family stared for quite a bit that we have our own paparazzi. We laughed out loud b/c it is true that they don't carry cameras but we are watched like hawks. People stare at us like we are famous or have 2 heads. When they get particularly rude about it we all wave when I say, "Like a parade". It is really funny to see 8 little hands wave stiffly.

We rented a few movies and are off to pretend it is Midnight so they will go to bed. HAHAHA! I hope everyone else is having a lovely evening and being safe. See ya next year.


Mammy said...

Happy New Year to you too! :)

Mongoose said...

Maybe you could try all staring at THEM silently. That would totally creep them out. LOL

And I did have a lovely evening, thank you - I slept 15 hours. :)