Monday, December 03, 2007

The Tree and a Drive by Drop Off

We put up the tree last night with way too much effort on my part. I was able to control the urge to fix how they decorated it but let me tell you it wasn't easy and I am not promising I won't in the very near future. It is lopsided in every way, ribbons, color, ornaments, and lights. I haven't even begun to deal with the outside lights and decorations, that will be another weekend in itself.

From top to bottom and left to right: Frankee giving Cyr the ears, Patches desperately trying to hide, our newest addition is Shyanne, Ruthie, Ella, Ava, Emma, and Michael pouting at the bottom.

Shyanne did very well over the weekend. She has lived alone with her mother entire life has been without other children in the home and I expected her to be reserved when she got here. Frankee and I were both wrong, she was the belle of the ball and loved every minute. The kids fought for her attention and she bounced from child to child. She followed our rules and rarely complained. I thought for sure she would freak out about drinking water b/c that is all we drink and she is used to soda, nope nothing from her.

I went this morning to file for guardianship and of course forgot to bring some of the paperwork and my DH. We will try again on Wednesday afternoon. Her aunt called today and she has decided she can't keep the child until school gets out in a couple of weeks so she can transfer school after the holiday, she is bringing her tonight. I am more than irritated b/c the child is being monitored by DFCS and she is not allowed to just move her until we actually file. This is how kids get tossed around in the system, they are not a priority to the adults responsible for them. At least she will be able to stay put once she gets here, poor thing.

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Torina said...

Your kids are ADORABLE!!!