Saturday, December 29, 2007

No Van and a Bucket

Michael and Emma were up most of the night sick for different reasons. Emma felt like she was gonna puke but never did so all we got was a bunch of whining and gagging. Michael has developed a cough from nowhere and hacked until he started gagging. The funny thing about this is I have a weak stomach so their gagging made me puke. My DH is able to sleep through all of this while we are bouncing around the bed taking turns on the bucket.

My van refused to start yesterday and we had so many plans this weekend that had to be canceled. AT, groceries, taking my nieces home, and visiting the kids Grandparents. I felt terrible but I have no choice, we just can't fit into anything else. Just let it be a cheap fix b/c after the holiday I really can't afford anything more than that.

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Mongoose said...

Oh, that really sucks. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it is cheap. :(