Saturday, December 08, 2007

Another Lovely Day in Our Life

I began the day with a terrible headache that seemed to get better with ibuprofen only to reappear after AT. I took Cyr and Patches to see our new AT (the one I really like) and we began with a brief game of Mother May I. Cyr, of course, followed all the rules and did wonderfully. She strives to appear perfect and will always do as she is told in front of others. Patches, on the other hand, showed her butt. She refused to play along and even squeezed out a few tears. Our private session with Patches just escalated. She began hitting the wall, tore her shirt off her back and had to leave in a bra (this is not uncommon for her), hurting herself, and screaming at me for no obvious reason. I was thrilled to have someone else see this side of her, especially her therapist. We spent almost 2 hours watching her rage. The AT felt Pathces was too much of a distraction to continue with Cyr and we will be doing their sessions on different days from here on out. I believe that will make 3 trips to their office a week for up to 3 hours each time. How wonderful is that? I really don't mind as long as it helps and this lady has struck a nerve in Patches for sure.

On to Frankee, she is out with that new guy she barely knows. She asked me to drop her off about an hour ago and usually I wouldn't but I just needed a break from her bitching. Her daughter cried b/c she didn't know her mother was being dropped off until she had already gotten out of the van. She later told me her Mommy has lots of friends that she goes to visit. How sad? I really don't understand that mentality of going out, I prefer to hang out with my Little Crazies. Anyway, I saw she had text this guy on my phone and being the nosey person I am I read a few of them. SHe invited herself over there and offered to lay in bed with him all day b/c he was hung over and she is sick. She doesn't know him, how could she offer herself to him? I am so sad for her. She is repeating her Mother's mistakes.

After we get through the drop off we headed to Staples for some software. I know the staff there was grateful to see us leave b/c Ava, Ruthie, and Michael all had lovely episodes there. I had to use a basket hold on Ava in the parking lot b/c she started screaming and pinching me. Poor little Shyanne is already used to our chaos. Michael just stood there and cried b/c I didn't have another hand to hold him, too. Just now he slammed Ava's face with a scooter not once but twice b/c she asked him to take turns. (My neighbors must hate us, I have no idea b/c they don't talk to us.) Ruthie refused to be nice to Ella and hold hands to cross the street, when asked to do it she flipped out and began "letting her crazy out in public". A term Emma made up and we all use regularly now.

I think bedtime is going to be 7PM tonight for the sake of my sanity.


Mongoose said...

Somehow it strikes me as a good thing that Michael cried rather than freaking out. Maybe I'm just getting too good at taking what I can get?

Anyway, I hope Patches gets better soon. And safely, as you said earlier.

Also, I found another sibling group that seems like just the ticket for you: two girls, 10 and 9, with similar issues by the sound of them; and a 5-yo girl without said issues, apparently. And I know you collect 5-yo girls... LOL

Tudu said...

It is a good thing that he cries now when he is acting a fool. It is still a scene in public b/c he is more or less screaming. Not pretty for sure.

If you insist on suggesting new groups for us please look for BOYS! We need to even things our a bit. LOL

Mongoose said...

I'll get right on it. :)

Mongoose said...

Ok, here is one that looks pretty low-stress, but still with a five-year-old in it:

(I'm living vicariously through you and Theresa, can you tell? LOL)

musemoon said...

I have no children to offer you :-) Just a big hug.

prayingforsibs said...

Hey wait!...those are my boys:)

Tudu said...

OMG They are so cute, perfect for our family and with Michael we would actually have a basketball team. LOL

Mongoose said...

Hehehe. Now they have to call me "Auntie" because *I* found them. LOL