Sunday, December 23, 2007

Gorges Got Run Over by a Reindeer

Patches did very well in AT yesterday, the AT didn't want to get her riled up right before the guests arrived and I was all too grateful. She was quite but did express some of her emotions by agreeing or disagreeing with what I said she was probably feeling. We discussed some questions for her to ask and that she would more than likely clam up in the moment so I could ask them for her when she gives me the clue. We are talking alot about being on the same team and that we are a team in therapy since we both attend simultaneously. She is scared about what the answers she will be getting, she has already heard them but to have it confirmed by someone she trusts will be hard. I did hear her answering questions with the AT and using my words so I guess she believes some of the things I say. It's a start.

We went to Gorges' house for my side of the family's holiday. Gorges is really Gorgeous but my oldest sister can't spell and it stuck. My Mother refusedto be called Grandma when she was only 36. Anyway, things went well. We got stuck in traffic making us 40 minutes late and everyone was eating when we arrived. Frankee left after an hour and was so obnoxious while we were there I was relieved. The kids were so well behaved, I was impressed. Gorges made them all new Loveys and knitted them what we call Outside Sweaters (they are so ugly you can only wear them outside to play and hope they get dirty). I appreciate the effort she put into them, I know they took forever I just wish she didn't use all leftover yarn so they were one color instead of 5. I will post a picture later for sure. SHe has made us some of the most beautiful ones in the past but this year we got robbed. It is the thought that counted and the kids are thrilled to have them (really). Gorges has made all her grandchildren multiple blankies when they were born, since my kids were not babies she assumed they were too old. They had informed her she was wrong some time ago and she started making them each their own. They are very cute and they were over the moon.

My kids parents are still making demands but not calling us directly. They do not want her parents to see them. Too bad. Their father hollared int he background that none of the gifts that were sent by the mother were from him when they called the aunt's phone earlier. How sad is that. I am so disappointed in them right now. I do understand they are hurting but to act so cruel towards the kids is immature. I am glad the kids do not know.


Mammy said...

Yeah, thats pretty lame of them to be like that towards the kids - you're right, it's good that the kids dont know. It's good that they have you. I haven't commented in a bit, but my heart goes out to you. It sounds like Ms. Frankee is keeping you hopping and I have felt for you.

Mongoose said...

I'm glad you all had a good time at your mothers'. Are you gonna post photos of the blankets? I've been meaning to make blankets for my niece and nephew since my niece was in the womb... She's now three years old. LOL I'm gonna need to find blanket patterns for toddlers, not babies. :)

The kids' parents... What can I say, if that wasn't the way they choose to be, you wouldn't have your kids.

Lorie said...

Blah to the kid's parents. and YEAH BICYCLES.....seriously I'm dreaming of your kids opening those on Christmas day :-) Much love to you and your dear family of a few dudes and a bunch of diva's. Happy Christmas....all of our love, Lorie and Aria :-)