Friday, December 21, 2007

Normal holiday stuff going on today. Christmas cleaning so the guests don't see our pooped in pull ups under the bathroom sink, dirty clothes piled to the waist in the laundry room, last nights dinner crusted on the kitchen floor, or the 5 million broken crayons in the sofa.

Patches is having one of her multi-daily meltdowns, no reason given. Shyanne is refusing to help. Ava has been hiding and when caught she screamed she is telling her teacher I am mean to her. (I offered to call the police for her to share her feelings with them and I informed her she could finish her room alone so she wouldn't be able to blame anyone else for anything. AAAGGGHHH!!!) Ema is whining about several things but got ahppier when she was excused from cleaning ehr room. Cyr threw several pairs of clean clothes into the dirty pile resulting in me refusing to do her laundry anymore. This happens constantly and I am tired of my waist high pile of mostly dirty clothes. Frankee is swollen and sobbing b/c the latest boyfriend that lasted a week told her he loved her and broke it off. She is a hot mess today. Ella is snotty and bossy. Ruthie is in her own world again. Michael is a joy today. He has helped me with everything I asked and more. He even told the truth when confronted on his poopy pull up. Yeah! He is not sure why he decided to try pooping in it and hiding it under the sink but at least he cleaned it up when asked to. That's all a girl can wish for.

Our schedule is kinda hectic this weekend. Our celebration starts tomorrow when their aunt and uncle arrive. They will be spending the night and going with us to my Mother's house to deal with my entire family. I can't belive they agreed to go but we do plan on coming back here and enjoying some wine and beer after the kids go to bed. We so rarely drink it is like an event in itself. Sunday we go to my MIL's, not looking forward to seeing my FIL's family so much. Monday we will open presents here and Tuesday Santa brings stuff. I am exhausted already. Somehow I need to fit in some more shopping. Probably very late tonight at Walmart.

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Mammy said...

Late night shopping at Wally World...that's a familiar drill. :)Hey, at least someones open, ey?