Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I attended holiday parties for 5 of the 8 kids today. I was surprised how different they all were. Emma's served an entire lunch including fresh fruit, raw carrots, and really cool snowflake chicken nuggets and Ava's had no food except the ice cream sundae they made. They did not consider me when scheduling the festivities b/c I ended up running from class to class trying to participate in the crafts but only staying for a couple in each kid's room. They had a blast and that is all that really counts. I have 3 left to attend Thursday at 2 different schools. Fun, Fun.

Early this morning I had to drive an hour to take Frankee to court. She was granted a 12 Protective Order against her MIL and her soon to be Ex husband. She was very upset and cried a good bit on the way home. She cheered right up when Bob called, this is the newest guy from the internet and he seems to float her boat this week. She spent the weekend at this total stranger's house and already decided sex was a way to win him over. I expressed some concerns at her want to include him in every thing we have planned over the next week or so. She wants to introduce her child to him Friday b/c he is taking her and his children to see some Christmas lights. I think she is not only rushing this but trading one issue (drugs) for alcohol and a warm body. She is gone again tonight and I expect she will be gone not only this weekend but the 10 days around the holiday b/c he is on vacation. He seems to have a good job, stability, owns a home, and has sole physical custody of his 3 girls but his wife of 9 years just left him unexpectedly 2 months ago for another man. He is soft spoken and gentle so that is a positive. He shook hands with his wife's new boyfriend and invited him in for a beer so I guess that shows he is a forgiving person as well. I think he will tire of her screaming and loud personality before too long, I am sure it will be an issue when she screams at his kids or hers in front of him.

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