Saturday, December 01, 2007


The bad therapist the attachment center sent out quit last week. I thought it was strange she never showed but quit? Good, she sucked anyway. We started with the other owner for Patches and Ava this morning but we both quickly decided to slip Cyr in instead of Ava. I love this woman, she quickly picked up on several things with Patches. I see great things in our future.

Tonight we are having dinner with MY entire family at a family style Italian restaurant. My family consists of 3 sisters and my Mother. All are either married or in relationships heading to marriage. This is probably not going to be very much fun b/c 2 of my sisters are rude and difficult and their daughters are a product of their selfishness. I love my younger nieces but struggle to be polite with the oldest and this is her birthday celebration. They barely know my kids after 18 months and feel this was my second choice so I should be jealous my youngest sister is pregnant. They have tiptoed around this I will not keep my mouth shut if it comes up. My life with my kids is my first choice, having a relationship with my sisters is second.

We have had Frankee's daughter here this weekend and she fits right in. The kids are fighting for her and all want to sit next to her. She is adjusting to our rules quickly. I am not looking forward to the conversation we are planning with Frankee's sister and her girlfriend on Sunday night. They are the ones that asked me to take guardianship of Shyanne and now they have decided to adopt her. WTF? This option was never on the table. I guess they do not understand that Frankee has all her rights in tact and who has guardianship is completely up to her. I have all the paperwork and it is being notarized tonight so there is nothing they can do. I will try to be nice and make them understand this is best for both mother and daughter and they can remain in their life.

Frankee is worried I will become irritated and piss them off. This is very possible b/c I have a hard time holding my tongue when it comes to defending my kids, all of them. I think things will work out fine if I try to play like we are all on the same side trying to help poor pitiful Frankee. She agrees I need to seem like I am on their team. Kinda stupid when there is nothing they can say or do to change what is going to happen, even if they try to file for guardianship the Judge will go with what the mother wants as long as they are decent. We are decent and her sister lost her job and home a few weeks ago and had to move in with her employed girlfriend that has not even had a background check done. I am sure she will pass but they have been breaking the rules and no one will look favorably on that.

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Mongoose said...

Yeah, sisters can be a pain in the neck. :)

So glad to hear your new attachment therapist is looking promising!