Saturday, December 22, 2007

This is Expensive

It's not about how much you spend but the number of gifts they get. They are still young enough to give a $5 board game to one and a robot to another and it saved me hundreds of dollars this year. My son had his heart set on a darn robot, I had no idea they even had them but they do and he has one wrapped and waiting for him.

Last night my DH and I snuck out after bedtime and headed to Toys R Us in search of bikes. We found a great deal on a few of them and a fantastic selection. They had just put them all out and we walked away with 7 shiny new bikes. Shyanne has a new one so she is getting a Baby Alive and an entire baby care set including the highchair, playpen, tons of bottles and diapers, swing, and car seat to name a few. I am so excited, I swear I am worse than the kids.

I ran home to finish making the candy before bed. Got up at 6AM to do all the grocery shopping I needed for the week. I am disgusted I spent $600 in food for the holiday and rest of the week. Another $500 for bikes and who knows how much all year for the rest of the stuff.

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