Friday, December 14, 2007

Lunch and an Early Birthday

I spent 2 hours at our home elementary school having lunch with 5 of the kids. I normally enjoy their food but today their attempt at a holiday meal was just disgusting. Soggy, overcooked, and tasteless are 3 words that best describe the meal served. My kids are going to be starved after school today.

Shyanne cried her eyes out when we left which caused her Mother to cry as well. It is fun to go up there but so sad to leave them.

Shyanne spent the first night upstairs in the little girls room. She went to sleep fairly well but woke up at 5 AM (2 and a half hours before they had to get up) and got bored so she woke every one else in the house up. Little booger. They will all pass out some time around dinner tonight.

Patches and Ava decided to have an all out fit when I caught several of the girls using nail polish without permission over carpet. A big no no here. Two of the girls did their timeout and apologized in a few minutes and were off and running. Those 2 soent the entire evening screaming horrible things about Emma. Why you ask? I have no idea. She had no idea they were hollaring and had nothing to do with the nail polish situation. They just targeted her for being her. Sad. My first instinct is to protect her but she did not know. I think I will bring it up in therapy this week.

Today Ruthie, pictured above before the sun came up, turns 9. She had to have her meltdown last night when she was asked to do her chore. The darn thing takes only a few minuted until they buck and it turns into 3 or 4 hours of sobbing and screaming. It is just stupid they waste everyones air like that.

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