Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Back to School?

Shyanne has been forcing me to play school all morning. She is a very good teacher, quite patient for a 5 year old.

It is so sad the things a child will casually tell you. This morning during my first cup of coffee she informed me all her Mother's friends do dope. When I asked her what it was she laughed at me and said it looked like a cigarette but it wasn't. She said her Mom gets mad when her friends do it and that her Mom doesn't. She told me this is the cleanest house she has ever lived in. Some lady named Lynne spanked her when she drank beer. Her stepfather yelled at her Mom and they would fight really loud and wake her up. We discussed how to call for the police if anyone hit her Mom or her ever again. SHe told me I was nice b/c I told her I wouldn't touch her privates or spank her. She is irritated the cough medicine is not stopping her cough altogether but she thanked me for trying. It is like talking to a mini adult, she is VERY country sounding and polite to the extreme.

Now if only the darn bell would ring so I could get out of class. She won't send me to the clinic to call home or to lunch.

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