Friday, December 07, 2007

You knew there would be concerns

We filed for guardianship yesterday and enrolled her in school today. Both were stressful. We took our oath and should receive the certified copy of guardianship in 4-6 weeks. The school had to put her in Ava's class. AAAHHHH!!!! Ava struggles to be appropriate socially and I worry this will be a problem.

The very night we do this, Frankee starts to show some not so pretty colors. I have concerns she will walk away, my DH brought up what I was thinking last night in bed. I caught her slipping some Crown Royal into her soda last night when she thought I was already in bed. She is obsessed with a boy she met online and it is all she focuses on all day. SHe went out last night to meet him IRL and several red flags came up. He is unemployed, drinks beer every night alone if necessary, and he can't spell. Hello, is anyone home? She is choosing poorly and she shouldn't be choosing at all. I had encouraged her to find a friend but I pushed her towards Mommy groups or AA. The other thing that is a concern is she has BiPolar and is starting to cycle rapidly. I am not sure she is taking her meds or if they are off. She screams at her daughter one minute and sweet the next. I address it but she doesn't stop. Only time will tell, I hope she pulls through this quickly. Her daughter needs her to be clean and focused on her in a positive way.

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Mongoose said...

Eeeee, that's pretty scary. :( :( :( I think you have a much higher tolerance to hazardous behaviours in your home than I do... On the one hand, I admire that, and on the other hand, I worry about you. I hope you're safe in all this. You haven't mentioned getting hurt in a long time. :)