Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bragging a Bit

Ella showed her butt in AT this morning. WOO HOO! It sounds crazy but it helps so much for them to show the real sides of them to the AT.

The first thing the AT said to me this morning was that he and his co worker couldn't believe how good I was with dealing with the tough stuff. They are impressed with my patience and skills to parent children with these issues. I am not good at accepting compliments and tend to shrug them off but this was important to me. This is all I do I had better be good at it. My DH always tells folks I was built to do this, it is true. Not many people had the opportunity to learn to parent difficult children under direct supervision of a licensed therapist. I had this when I began in a group home. Love and Logic parenting comes naturally to me.

I am not perfect, I have bad days. A few days ago I let the F word slip when hollaring at the dog. I am not proud of it and apologized to the kid that heard me. SHe laughed. I get mad at the kids but as I am hollaring about what not I usually am telling them how smart they are or complimenting them somehow. Kinda weird, huh? Someone pointed it out to me the other day when I was feeling like a horrible parent for cursing. I take every chance I can to tell them how wonderful they are even if it is yelling it at them. LOL I never hold a grudge, the minute they sincerely apologize I am over it. There is nothing they can do that will make me stop loving them and trust me they have tried to come up with things. We have a saying here, "I love you when you are good, bad, or ugly."

I liked bragging about Michael today in AT. HE is doing so well. We put a picture of me at his age in his room to protect him from bad monsters. It has helped.

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