Thursday, December 27, 2007

Trouble in Paradise

My nieces came last night to spend 3 nights with us. That makes 12 kids and a big mess around here. They came from their Father's house with all their gifts so we had to hide them from my kids. Ava found them and dug through them and stole some things right off the bat. I feel so sad for her.

Ava started seeing the AT yesterday b/c her behavior is getting so out of control we can only blame attachment at this point. Some of the things we are addressing are the plan to tell the teacher so she can live with her, poop smearing, her recent revelation that she is intentionally breaking all the toys, her refusal to follow simple rules like don't stand on the back of the sofa and jump off on other unsuspecting children, pulling her hair out, stealing anything that is not glued down, and lying when the truth is better. I love her and it is so hard to watch her do these things to herself.

I had to break up a fist fight between Michael and Ella for the third time today. They will spend the rest of the day holding hands and figuring out how to work together to get things done. Of course, there will be close supervision to avoid another episode.

I had to have a tough conversation with Frankee this AM. She called at midnight last night sobbing for me to unlock the door for her. She was with the new BF and he had been kissing his soon to be ex wife. Frankee was a hot mess, screaming vile things at him between sobbing to me. She can not date him anymore and live here. She denied missing her meds but agreed to have them in the cabinet for em to dispense. She listened better than I thought she would and allowed me to tell her she is driving us all crazy with her manic behavior. I explained that many people saw this and not just us. I hope she decides to spend the time with her daughter instead of looking for a man.

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