Monday, December 31, 2007

A Visit

I was surprised to see so many comments about my safety. Thank you so much but my only real concern is that I get accused of something. I think my physical safety is much less of a concern to me. I am having to fight for my time here lately b/c Frankee lives on MySpace trolling for men.

We are in the middle of a sibling visit for Emma. Both of the sisters her Mother tried to parent are here for the night and will return home today. They had a blast but the rest of the kids have had issues with it. I am sure Em will really go down hill after they leave. She cried for an hour after her Mother left last night. It is so hard to watch her feel that loss over and over with every visit. Adoption sucks for the kids. She wouldn't want to live that life and has said so but she wishes we could adopt her Mother and sisters. I hate it for her and we try to make the visits more often but with her Mother working for the first time on a regular basis it is difficult.

Michael did not hurt anyone yesterday and earned his Heelys back!!!! Patches is holding her own right now. Ava is so different from the others in the way she is sneaky and manipulative. The others break in anger, I can deal with that b/c I can see it. She breaks for no reason and hides it. How do you deal with that? Last night she used an entire can of Lysol spray in the bathroom (Frankee left it out), plugged the toilet AGAIN to the point the entire upstairs stinks and a plumber is having to come out, she broke Cyr's new light and old light, and she tore up some clothes in her room sometime over the night. She has admitted several times now that all this time she has been doing these things and pretended they were accidents. AAAHHH!! She is gonna drive me crazy, I am sure of it.

I will post pictures of the 3 sisters after I fix them all lunch. They are ALL 10 standing in here hovering to eat. LOL

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Mongoose said...

Oh, thank you for posting! Yes, the sisters are adorable. And yes, I have to agree you need some boys in there. :)

And I'm glad you said "adoption sucks for the kids." I hate when people get all gushy about how lucky adopted kids are to have been adopted. Like that's somehow better than their family of origin. Seems very insensitive to me.

Well, I'd wish you all the best for the new year, but it sounds like you're well on your way to yearly improvements without any wishing needed on my part... So I look forward to seeing all of you rock 2008!