Monday, October 26, 2009

Snake Bites

This is one of their favorites. It is not the one that caused the picture below. The kids are never in the room alone, the cages are all locked and escape proof, none are poisonous, and as scary as they seem to most, they are not vicious and rarely attack.

Michael is so proud he was bitten. For some weird boy reason, he acted like it was a Right Of Passage of sorts. It is not something we encourage and take great precautions to make sure it doesn't. There is always a chance with any animal that they may bite. He healed very quickly since they are such tiny teeth marks. It looks much worse than it was.


Jenny said...

Hey Tudu!

I just nominated you for an award.


Sheri said...

Gorgeous snake!

ania said...

I think that Michael is beautiful.

But, ummmm, did the girls practice make-up on him? Or are his cheeks just that perfectly softened shade "Tea Rose" pink?


Yeah, like you, I can see why people are accidentally prone to making your life infinitely harder by joking with him (and your other kiddos) that he could come and live with them.

Though, I know that as a kid, that kind of phrase = secretcodeforkidnapping. Therefore, it creeped me out and suddenly made my bladder the size of a lima bean. For real. So, I'll not be one of the people who says that. You know. If we ever meet or anything.

Though there's pain and hurt, there's lots of beauty in all your family, and not just the physical/genetic kind of beauty.

Anyway, not having met, or anything, please know that your family is frequently in my prayers.

Melissa said...

That huge smile on Michael's face is just priceless.

Book Lover said...

Awww, Tudu, Michael has the most beautiful eyes. So glad to see him. It makes it more real when I say prayers for your family.


Kim Chrisman

Kelly said...

Does your hubby raise and sell snakes? I know you talk about "the snakes and cages" but Uhhhhh. Oh help me. I could not sleep at night. Michael is way to pretty to be a boy. Sorry, don't tell him I said that. lol

Tudu said...

Jenny, thank you for the award. I'll get on it this afternoon.

My son is such a cutie. Last night the van driver from the hospital told him that and he informed her, "I know you want to keep me but you'd bring me home b/c only my mom knows how to make me better." The ladies called me out to the van to tell me. They were cracking up.

Sheri, I think that is the newest one. His partner buys these outrageously expensive snakes and sends them here to be bred. He can't do it himself. This one was in the $8K range. All my hubby has to do is feed them and breed them and he will get half the money for the babies.