Monday, October 26, 2009

Another Thank You and a Song

This is her room after a rage. If you look closely you can see her writing a song about how much she hates me. She had calmed by this time. All the tiny pieces of paper are her posters that were on the wall. She was heartbroken when she realized she had destroyed her posters and ripped her money to shreds. For an event like this, her consequence is to clean it up. I don't see a reason to add insult to injury, she is the one that lost her stuff even if it was by her own hands. She cleaned it without a word from anyone and just came down when she was down. She curled up in my lap and cried.

This is a picture Patches drew of me during the rage above. She will draw pictures or write letters over and over about how he hates me or the other kids. I like my legs in this one.

The kids with some of their loot. They were so excited to have received lollipops in the mail.

More cards and more grins


Ivy said...

I think I've read the entirity of your blog over the past couple of weeks. I'm giving you a huge pat on the back. You are so compassionate, aware and approach your children's issues so intelligently. What gets me more than then reading about their abuse and subsequent reactions are their photos.They are heartbreaking. There is somehting so sad and far too world weary for their ages in their expressions.They appear ourwardly happy, but I can't even imagine what they carry around inside of them. How do you deal with what happened to them? The fact that a family could systematically and generationally abuse their children in such horrific ways is beyond me. How does your mama bear instinct not kick in when they are having supervised visits w. their families? I know this is a really simple question about such a multi-faceted situation. On a completely different note, your daugthers have amazing taste in eyewear!

Tudu said...

Their expressions have changed over the years. I am sorry to say, I agree, there is still a sadness to them. IRL they can laugh and play but still are way to serious for children. We no longer have visits with the sibling group's parents b/c they are in jail but it is hard not to be angry at them. We adore their extended family and no longer have to see their parents. As for Emma and Kiera, it's different. Emma's mom is active and supportive in her life. Kiera's is doing her best. It isn't enough to raise her child but she does love her. Thanks for the compliment on the glasses. I picked them all out on Zenni Optical's site. They were $8 a pair!