Sunday, October 04, 2009

Holding It Together

You can almost feel the vibration from all the nervous energy here. They are behaving so well. In fact, the only violent incident was yesterday. Michael became upset with Eddie for no real reason and began to escalate. He started breaking his toy so I reached to take it before it was ruined. I pulled back after it was in my hand and Michael slapped me, hard. Cyr gasped. I reminded him to get control of himself and he ran past me to his room. After an hour, he came back down. We are seeing a lot of back talk, cursing, mumbling, and sneaking but the violence is really down.

I still have 4 sleeping in my room. One of them asked me yesterday if Kiera has nightmares every night. She has been crying and hitting me at night again. They were surprised at how many times it happens.

My MIL will be here this afternoon and plans on staying until it's over. I'm not sure how we would have managed without her. Thank you.

I am still trying to make sure their mother has an outfit for the trial. She looks more credible if she is not in her prison uniform. I am so bad about judging sizes of skinny people. She could be a 6 or 12, I have no idea. I wonder if she will still have the shackles on.

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Jeri said...

I know it's "procedure" but it seems like in certain situations like this and like when my 100lb. 12 year old comes in for signing a waiver for court in order to stay in detention ten days longer and his mom (me) is sitting there that they can at least unshackle his ankles and maybe handcuff him in the front? Procedure just doesn't leave room for common sense or common decency. Hang in there, you guys are in the home stretch on this. Praying for your family.