Monday, October 12, 2009

Chat Rooms

No matter how much I spout information about internet predators and try to monitor her online activity, she is still convinced they are all 15. She is a smart girl. Really smart about some things. I guess this is not one of the those things.

We received another text on her cell this morning. We have taken it and it will be shut off soon. This one asked for a naked picture. Very clear. No "Hey, how are you?". Just "Can I see you naked?". I called the number back and no answer. I asked her about it and she met him in a chat room. She has tried to text him and call him a bunch a few months ago but he never picks up. Wonder why? He probably is afraid his 40 yr old manly voice will give him away. I am amazed a how she is able to do this with so many of us around her the entire time she is on the computer. I am assuming she is appropriate online and then takes it to another level off line through texts. I am so sad for her.

Last night, I spoke with their paternal aunt. They still are holding out for his innocence. It has been very hard on them b/c they went through this 15 yrs ago with his father. A strange comment was made that we were the foster parents of their father's sisters when they were young. This is not true. We are too young and never had sisters. I'm not sure why she would lie like that. Weird, huh?


FosteringDreams said...

In what context was the foster parents of father's sisters comment made. It does seem rather odd.

Tudu said...

She told her mother and SIL after I walked away from them that we had been her foster parents and we must not recognize her. SHe seems to love attention so I am thinking it was for that.