Monday, October 26, 2009

Devil Girl

This is Alyssa's eye after Kiera threw a block at her. It took 10 days to heal. This was not the worst looking day, by far.

Kiera's Mother is holding her, her aunt and her son is next, Nana, and then her Uncles Josh and his son at her birthday party.

Granny, Kiera, her Mother

Kiera checking out her cake. She was hesitant to eat it with the mouse turds on it.

Riding a bike with Cyr


Michelle said...

Cyr is just so beautiful! She looks like a wonderful big sister:)

ania said...

In the second picture, I think you didn't identify your husband because, he's your husband, and you were pointing out Kiera's family.

But it makes it seem like an unexpected apparition (I'm not going to say, "Devil" or anything....even with the red hoodie and all....because, you know, that'd be kind of mean.) just popped up to look over Kiera's loot.