Monday, June 01, 2009

I am holding my head above water here. Cyr is aware of the situation and has agreed to keep her mouth shut for a few more days. She was shocked to learn he has a problem and has asked numerous questions about it. He has attended 5 meetings this weekend and is shooting for the 90 in 90 days. He has completely changed his thoughts on his problem and is focused on being a better father and husband. He has stopped sobbing and seems to have a better attitude about his future.

Patches is doing GREAT! She hasn't cried about her chore in a few days . That is amazing b/c she usually sobs and sobs before doing it in slo mo. She left this morning at 7:30 to go retake her CRCT.

Cyr is begging her friends to invite her over. This drives me nuts. I insist she wait to be invited but she refuses to be polite. Rosa took her shopping yesterday and they had a blast. They tried on prom dresses and high heels so they could dance up and down the store aisles. She asked Rosa to buy her many things over the day so we had to talk about how rude that is.

Emma is now doing jumping jacks every time she back talks to me. She is getting on my nerves.

Michael knocked over another bird's nest. He did this last year and got into trouble. I'm not sure why he thought this year would be different. He is still supposed to be supervised by an adult but keeps trying to sneak away. He is now screaming and throwing a fit in his room. He is going to have a very long summer.

I'll answer those couple of questions tonight when I have more time. Any more to add?


The Bus Driver said...

hugs, i've said a prayer for you to get through this rough time!

I'm glad that Cyr understands and that Patches is seemingly doing better! Good luck to her on the CRCT.

Abby said...

What is the CRCT??

Marthavmuffin said...

This post made me think of the Pretenders ditty "Stop your sobbing"

Hope all feel better and do better soon.