Saturday, June 13, 2009

In No Particular Order

Rosa after a food fight between her and Cyr that ended Cyr up in the ER b/c she landed on her shoulder.

Kiera shopping.

Kiera in a bowl. She rolled around the kitchen in it.

If you look in her seat you will see that she demolished an oatmeal creme pie, without permission, and passed out.

Gia and Kiera having lunch in baskets.

Patches having her Brain Q done.

Gia ready to go.

All grins.

Michael and Ava on the computer.


Carmine Crayon said...

Was Rosa bleeding, or just dirty? Did it happen outside on the ground?! I love the one with Kiera and the oatmeal cookie.

Carmine Crayon said...

Oh, and when do you get the Brain Q results?

Tudu said...

She had brownie dough all over her. I'm not sure Kiera even got a bit of the pie. We hope to get the results this week.