Friday, June 19, 2009

She Gets It

Kiera had a really bad night. I'm not going to complain but I will say, I'm taking a nap today.

I spent an hour at the new elementary school with the principal, at her request. I am so excited. The woman gets it. She knows what RAD is and had intelligent questions to ask about each child. I told her of my plans to go over the school and get the psychiatrist to write a letter to put Patches in the "Academy" at the middle school. The one that is a theraputic environment that they hid from me for the last year. I am still burning up that they did that. Anyway, I was very pleased with her and look forward to a great relationship over the next year.

I had a quiet trip to Walmart or as I like to think of it, a wonderful mini vacation from the Insane Asylum. Kids are great. Patches cried when she had to resweep the kitchen but no damage to anyone or anything. Ruthie, Ava, Michael, and Emma are playing nicely. Ella is with my DH at work. She begs to go and usually can't b/c she can't lift much or really help in any way. This was a quick trip for him so he scooped her up for the ride. She was thrilled and had a hard time choosing an outfit to "work" in.

My DH has had his 4th litter of boas this year and I am getting a van by the middle of next week with the proceeds. I am desperate to leave the house with all the kids. Sounds weird but I can handle them all, including my gkids, just fine alone and actually look forward to it.

Kiera is screaming so it's time for a nap. Awww, sweet dreams, people.


Ashley said...

Great to hear things are looking up!!

Lisa said...

Woo hoo for the van AND a school that 'gets' it.