Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Hate You Forever

I'm sure I posted about Patches' last IEP meeting when they brought in the AP and gave me a hard time about retaining her. They finally bullied me into agreeing to push her through to 6th grade with the hopes of getting her into the special therapeutic academy at the school. I received a letter in the mail today requesting another IEP meeting b/c she failed the CRCT that they made her retake this summer. Duh! She reads and functions on a 1st grade level. Why would they think this would change just weeks later? Why would they insist I come in? All we need to do is have a conversation showing we are all on the same page. I have an evil plan. I will attend the meeting and show up with a letter from her psychiatrist requesting her to be placed in the program. I have been told that if a doctor requests it, they have no choice. It out ranks the school's psychologist. I am still a little irritated they hid that program from me in the first place so I don't think I will give them a heads up. Moohahaha

We are having a quiet summer so far. No real outings just lots of sprinkler time. My DH is home this week and he helped me clean out the carport so we could rearrange the picnic tables in there. We like to eat outside when the weather permits and the carport is the perfect shade we need.

Cyr is visiting my mother for a few days for the first time. She is learning to knit. There are no kids there. My Mother is a fantastic cook and bakes nearly every day. She can sleep in and stay up as late as she wants. Gpa Joe took her to a movie today and filled her with junk food. At this rate, she will not return to us without kicking and screaming.

Ruthie had a fit today and decided to show me by slamming the front door in my face and then ripping of her fingernail. Not sure how that was getting me back but OK. She still thinks that screaming things at me will hurt me. I have lost count at the number of times that I have heard, "I hate you forever!".

Patches has moved on to torturing the kids by saying she won't live with them when they grow up. AND? Not sure how that is mean, either. She hasn't gotten violent in weeks. I am so relieved we seem to be onto the right mix of meds. She is very irritating in another way, though. She is bossy. Not bossy as in do this do that. Bossy in a way that is mean and hurtful. When she mops the floor she doesn't warn anyone, she waits until they need to walk through and screams and yells at them. She doesn't stop. She gets herself so worked up about it that it is comical. The kids stand there afraid to move until an adult saves them. She doesn't touch them in any way. She just yells about how they should know she is mopping and that they can't move. It is weird. I'll take it over attacking us any day. This afternoon she freaked out on the kids in the pool splashing. She made a very big deal out of nothing. She didn't want them to move in the water, just sit there. We had to get her away from them so they could play. Her thought process is really off. It is so obvious that she isn't "normal". Poor girl. All she wants to do is fit in and I am not sure she ever will.


Nichole said...

Everything you post amazes me. You are superwoman

Dnaymay said...

If they don't agree to the placement with the letter from her Dr., ask for the IEP meeting to recess for 10 days. Don't sign that you agree to anything. There is a box that you can check that says Disagree with the plan.
Tell them that in that 10 days your spec. ed mediator has suggested that you contact an attorney.
Most of the time a school will choose to go the parent's route than fight it because it is cheaper than a battle with attorneys.

Perspective RAD said...

Power to YOU in dealing with the school! I have been there for a bully session in those meetings, and it sucks. They didn't even know what Reactive Attachment Disorder was, much less cared to really understand it further to better meet the needs of my kid.
And kudos for not taking the "I hate you's" personal.

Abby said...

I love to knit!! If she's learned (I was in FL for the past week on a family vacation, so I'm reading the oldest posts first) how to knit and wants/needs yarn to practice, let me know! I can ship you a huge box of it to ya!