Friday, June 12, 2009

Emma is being forced to return home on Sunday. When I say forced, I mean grabbed by the ankles and dragged down a flight of stairs kicking and screaming. LOL She loves going there.

Michael went to the psychiatrist today and had another med change. She added Prozac. He has never been on one and thinks it will help with his hallucinations. She thinks his recent "friends" are from PTSD. We shall see. I'll try anything. He is such a difficult child. Easy to love, hard to live with. The boy flashes his smile at me and I melt. I wish we could see it more often.

Ruthie is attached to my hip lately. She would rather sit with me than do anything. I think she is worried about the trial. She has confided that she thinks about it all the time.

Kiera is fully trained in foot smelling. I ask her if she wants to smell my feet and she runs over to me. She leans over and yanks off my shoes and sniffs. She leans way back and screams, "Shooo Weeee!" It is hysterically funny. She has a few parlor tricks like that. She is too much fun.

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