Sunday, June 07, 2009

Emma is at her Mother's for the next several days. I miss her already. Rosa is starting to settle in a deep depression herself while her 3 little ones visit their other grandparents in Michigan.

Michael and I took the remaining half a million kids to the pool. I was ready to go after the baby nearly drowned 4 times. She never cried but she would lean over to grab the ball and not understand the water level so her face would go under. She didn't understand how to sit back up and would lay there. The kids just watched her and one even moved away from her. SO much for them helping me with her this summer. She'd be dead if I went to the bathroom. Other than that, they had a ball. I can't believe I left Cyr there with her friend Malcolm. He is such a nice kid and he has a crush on her. She thinks he is gross but is a good friend. I love that we are beginning to trust a little bit. There were 6 life guards and at 13 she can swim without us. His Mom will bring her home any minute.

Things are getting better here. My DH is like this new and improved husband. He hasn't slacked off at all and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. He loves going to his meetings. He feels good about things. I am still skeptical but hopeful.

Kiera goes to get shots tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it. Any volunteers?

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