Saturday, June 13, 2009


There all here and making faces. Patches doesn't "play" well. SHe is a bit more serious but tried.

Rosa, Patches, Cyr, Kiera,
Ruthie, Michael, Alyssa, Eddie, Emma, Ella,
Ava, and Gia

Checking out their loot from the egg hunt

It was a free for all. They swapped and stole candy.

Patches seems to prefer being on the sidelines.



Michael prefers to be alone, too. This is typical Michael, he opened every egg and laid them out. He has to do them all before he can enjoy a piece of candy.


Carmine Crayon said...

You have beautiful children! I know they are all just kids, but do they realize how lucky they are to have been kept together? see so many kids available for adoption who were placed without their siblings because they had special needs and needed "individual attention." Your kids are so lucky to have you, what you put up with to keep them all in the home, I hope they realize that someday.

Freda said...

Your children are all so beautiful and getting so big so fast. You are blessed!!

Annie said...

:D Easter egg hunt! I've never seen one here in Australia, for reasons that may be obvious.
So many kids. You're doing well.

Sarah Dawn said...

Your children, breathtaking! I just found your site via a friend, glad I stopped by. You splashed me today in God's goodness through the blessings of your family. As we begin our first adoption, I rejoice!

Hugs from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn

Abby said...

I always get so confused when I see all the girls together! And then I have to remember that Ella and Emma are NOT the twins. =)

Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures!

Mongoose said...

How cute. It's amazing how much you've all come along since I first "met" you. Keep up the good work! You rock!