Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The paternal Gma and I talked for the first time today. She told me she has Schizophrenia. She was nice enough, she wants to get to know the kids again. I am not sure how far we will take it b/c only Cyr really remembers her. She has all good memories of her and says she is safe. Se wanted the kids to know she has their dog. They were thrilled to hear he was OK. The Gma agreed to our "rules" and is looking forward to pictures of them.

My son is driving me crazy. I am trying to pretend he is not working my nerves but it is getting harder and harder. He has taken all day to refuse to clean the bathroom. He rearranged things in the bathroom to claim he had cleaned it. Of course he left all the dirt in it's place. Just clean the darn thing already!!

Ella got frustrated with the baby outside and pushed her down. What a little turd?

I am trying to make arrangements for the trial next month. I found the hotel we will be staying in and now I need to make sure we have a family member there every day of the week to supervise them while we are in the courtroom. My Mom said she would do it 1 day but I have to get a commitment from others still. We plan on staying in that town from Tues to Fri and hope we can leave earlier. I need 3 more people and I am hoping my MIL and sister will do it. Hint, hint. Their Aunt M and Uncle F will have to work but plan on seeing us at night. I know their former FM, Shirley, will want to be in the courtroom and I need her to remember all that happens since I have to testify and can't be there. My DH won't be any help remembering things due to his short term memory issues.

Just to share a bit of nice, Cyr IM'd me today to apologize for being a booty lately. It's all normal teen stuff like not doing her chore, rolling her eyes, sneaking candy, and trashing her room. You all know what I mean, it's annoying but normal. I was pleasantly surprised by her. That is Cyr though, she is learning to pay attention to how she affects others and tries to change it. She is growing into a lovely young lady. Too bad that also means her body is changing into a young woman, too.

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