Monday, June 22, 2009

I Spoke Too Soon

Frankee was a no show last night. I was talking with my DH last night about how it brought back memories for me. Memories of Nikki and all her drama. When Nikki was using Meth she she spent a lot of time causing herself and me drama. She would call and tell me the danger her daughters were in. She would ask my advice. Sometimes, set up a plan to help them. Then nothing. This would happen over and over but every once in a while she really needed me. She would call and tell me her BF had beat her up. He was abusive and this was not uncommon. Sometimes she would let me get her and others she would hide from me when I got there. There was so much drama that it was hard to figure out what was real and what was in her head.

Frankee is the same way. She has 3 kids and only has one of them. One she signed over her rights to let her be adopted but they never did and she lost track of her until recently. She discovered the child was being abused by the Gpa that had her and she went to get her. She plans on returning her to the Gma (they are divorced) even though her rights are in tact and the Gma has struggled with a pain medication addiction. Her son lives with her ex husband and his wife. She lost him due to her drug use. Shyanne is only still with her b/c her father spends a lot of his time going from jail to jail. Frankee can't keep a relationship together b/c she is extremely argumentative. SHe will fight with anyone and anything. She is constantly recreating her childhood. The cycle has not stopped or will it stop in this generation. I am so sad for her and her kids but I can only do so much.

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Thandi said...

I'm feeling so sorry for her, what a pity.