Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Huge Sale

Rosa and I hit the local thrift store for their 50% off sale today. We planned on leaving my DH with the kids just an hour or so and were shocked when he called us 3 hours later. We were no where near through the entire store. I bought only name brand blue jeans for the kids for school. When I say name brand, I mean Aeropostle, Limited Too, Gap, and more. All are really nice ones that had not a tear or mark on them cost between $1.60-$2 each. Cyr and Patches made out like bandits with 25+ new shirts for about $.60 each and 25 new pairs of jeans, skirts, and dress pants. Little girls got about 20+ new pairs of jeans and other really nice pants. I was able to find at least 15 new shirts for them and 3 bikinis for $2. Michael is still wearing about the same size as last year. He is 9 and wears a size 5T shorts but needs a 7 in jeans for length. They about fall off of him but he has 4 new pairs of jeans. I didn't even look for the baby, my DH, or myself. I love that store!

We all went to the pool for a few hours today. It was like pulling teeth to get Rosa in a suit in public. She is gorgeous but has such low self esteem. It doesn't help that she has many very large scars on her arms ad legs that she is terrified people will comment on. I personally think she should be thrilled to have survived that car accident. I told her to tell people that aliens took her and she came back like that but she won't do it. She could even have special powers but NOOOO. She compares her self to other younger women like the life guards. They are too cute for words. You know the type, very young, tan, and fit.

Cyr is having a blast at my Mom's. She was a bit freaked out when Gpa Joe had to take her to the ER. She has kidney stones and is now on some major pain meds. I can't wait for Cyr to come home and stay a few days with us.

Emma's Mom called and she has big plans for Emma and her sister that is 364 days younger than her. They will have a simple dinner with dessert on Gracie's bday and then she is taking all 4 girls to the water park for the day. Emma's Nana will be taking her to get her ears pierced, too. This will be Emma's first birthday without us. She was bit hesitant to ask but I don't mind. The woman gave birth to her so why shouldn't she get to see her that day? I'll miss her terribly.

Patches is harassing all the kids again. She seems to really focus on Emma right now. A few weeks ago it was Alyssa. She seems to hate them all equally but can't keep track of all of them at the same time.


Nichole said...

I love a good sale!! :) I've been wanting to go to garage sales lately, but have been using my self control. I already have WAY too much kid stuff and still no kiddos...

Marthavmuffin said...

ooh fun!

Michelle said...

ROFL, I haven't even finished the first paragraph and I had to comment.

I noticed you left your husband with the kids...and not the kids with your husband, lol!

Not sure why I find that so funny, but I do!