Sunday, June 21, 2009

Frankee Called

She is on her way here now. She said she wants to die. I'm not clear if Shyanne is coming with her and her older daughter Salissa or if they will be going to their dads. She recently admitting she has been using and had progressed to needles. She has been off for a few days and with her BiPolar her emotions are all over the place. Her boyfriend broke up with her and has thrown her out. She will only be here for a few days but it will be nice to see her again. I am sad that she still hasn't found stability in her life. She is surrounded, by choice, with chaos. My only wish for her at this point is happiness.


Dia por Dia said...

I hope she is okay and everything goes well. You have such a big heart and I am always in awe of how you keep such an open mind.

Thandi said...

The heartbreak of not being able to stop someone's downward spiral. At least she knows she can come to you.What a heartbreaking situation.