Friday, January 02, 2009

Still no word from the Sgt. He hasn't contacted her Mother or the friend. I can't say I am not surprised b/c he is in charge of so much up in that county. I'll wait until Monday to bug him.

Kids are all doing surprisingly well. We have had one lazy day after another and they just play all day. Ava has been caught stealing from the kid and myself 6 times this winter break. Money, candy, toys, and books are not safe from her. Patches has mellowed way out and is doing fine. Her sleeping during the day is completely gone but she was the first in bed on New Year's Eve. Ella was not far behind. LOL Ella is always in bed by 8 so to see her up until 9:30 was very hard on her.

I hope there isn't anything else to blog about for the rest of the week.

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Lisa said...

Hoping things are settling down and stay that way. Y'all deserve it!

J has started her very own blog about recovering from RAD. I think you will really like it.