Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why Did I Send Her Anyway?

I just found out they barely increased her Abilify. She is on 25 mg now instead of 20 mg. They didn't touch her Prozac so I wonder why she was a bit "off". I am confused and concerned. We increased it from 10 to 20 and barely saw a difference so what is 5 mg gonna do? Since she has had absolutely no responsibilities there, I am sure we will see pretty quickly if it will work. Maybe not so quickly since she will probably honeymoon for a bit first.

The baby is talking up a storm. It is only one word at a time but she tells you what she wants. Up, down, more, bite, get (she uses her first finger and points for you to leave her alone), please (as she cocks her head and bats her eyelashes) , night night, bottle, doggie, bye bye, lovey (her security blanket that magically makes everything ok again) and many more. She is so darn cute and now that we are "communicating" she is fun, too. She loves to lay nose to nose with me and give me kisses over and over. She makes the funniest facial expressions, I swear she is manipulating me already. I am having a very difficult time being serious with her.

The kids are anxious about Patches' arrival. It has been hard on them, especially Cyr.


Kelly said...

oh my goodness. I was so hoping for all of you that they would be able to get her stablized and get her meds right where she would be more managable before they sent her home. Why? Good question.

Kath said...

Why is a good question. Sometimes it's one the experts can't even answer themselves.

I will be hoping the extra medication makes her a lot better for you!

Lisa said...

We had the same experience a month ago. My son was hospitalized for "observation and medication stabilization". It was supposed to be 3-5 days but because of his behaviors in the hospital, they ended up keeping him for 17 days. The only medication they changed was Invega going from 3 mg/day to 6 mg/day. No changes were seen by us. We didn't even get a honeymoon period and he came home with lots of newly acquired knowledge of how to get out of our house (allegations of abuse, plans to run away - things he'd never mentioned before) along with a lot of new, fun, language to introduce our younger kids too. What good was this? Well, if nothing else, we have more documentation to build a case to TRY to get more long-term care. Too little, that's for sure, but just another hoop jumped through. At $1,200/day I expected a little more.

Hang in there, you know you're doing your best. Some kids are just so tough.

Carmine Crayon said...

Flat bread as in she's on a gluten free diet?

Good luck with Patches, hope her honeymoon lasts... I can't believe that. So how much did that hospital stay cost? You could have just sent her to Holiday Inn for a week on her own...

Oh, and as for what Lisa said about "newly acquired knowledge" -- SO TRUE! Keep an eye out for that. "Flash" and my other little munchkins at the rtc learn so many behaviors from each other. Sometimes I wonder if the things I hear coming from a 7 year old girl's mouth whilst in "crisis" are the result of her previous living environment, OR the current one.

Over the last 7 or so years of attending a special ed school, being hospitalized once or twice a year and then living in an RTC, Flash's personality changed. The way she dresses, talks, music she listens to, how she reacts to boys... oooh, and the things she knows about drugs and sex.... Yeah, she didn't learn those things at home. It's sad.