Friday, January 30, 2009

She is Such a Wonderful Handful

This is the little beast in action. Someone forgot to buckle her in and she refused to sit b/c she could see the chocolate cupcakes were almost close enough to reach. Shortly after, she attacked an orange marker til it's death. She was asked to show me her tongue and that's why it's sticking out in that photo. (Notice my new paint on the wall behind her in the highchair!)

Kiera has a nasty cold that has produced an enormous amount of snot. Seriously, she shouldn't have this much fluid in her entire body much less her head. She has learned a new word, die. She screams it over and over and points at things. It cracks me up when she does it to the computer or another kid.

Patches is so glad to be home. So far no new secrets or skills. I don't think I will ever send another child to a facility again unless they can no longer live here. It was a waste of time, energy, and a huge waste of money. None of it was covered by Medicaid b/c they do not accept it and it was $510 a day plus all the wonderful things that they bill for like food, soap, shampoo, administrative fees, and so on. Ruthie is now asking for a break from us. I asked her where she planned on going and she said the "cool hospital that Patches went to". I told her that was a great idea when she came up with the money to pay for it.


r. said...

What happens if/when the sedation wears off? I hope the pills work well enough to keep her calm then.

Lisa said...

She is such a cutie patootie!

What can be a backup plan if Patches has more problems?

So sorry it wasn't helpful and I can't believe they don't accept medicaid!

Kath said...

Awww! She's gorgeous!!

The Bus Driver said...

Left you some blog love... check it out.

Marthavmuffin said...

She is so cute!! Omigosh I am so jealous! (maybe not so jealous of the Magic marker mess!) Heehee.

Sorry about Patches visit not being productive. I can't believe that wasnt covered by Medicaid?
So what are we to do with our kids on Medicaid? We need to lobby congress. Before they pull even more funding! Children who don't get the treatment they need turn into adults who maybe won't be such productive members of society. I hate our government policies and agendas sometimes. I hope this administration can help.

Kelly said...

She is so adorable!!!

$510 a day. No Medicaid coverage. Ugh! I am stroking right about now. WOW. It would be worth it if they had done her some good. So sorry. Ridiculous!

Lisa said...

That is absolutely ridiculous that this hospital doesn't accept M'caid. I am so disgusted by how little is out there to help our kids. My son loved the hospital (when he wasn't calling people b--ches there and getting his privledges taken away) and has been telling people he's suicidal to get to go back. It hasn't worked yet, but he's still trying. I think it tells a lot about the kids when he/she is just fine to go to strangers like that.

Carmine Crayon said...

Medicaid didn't cover it?! That's crazy... sounds like you need another paypal link. How many days was she there? $500 isn't that horrible compared to others [one I know of is "premiere" and over 10k a day! no insurance excepted!]...but out of pocket, thats insane.

Kiera's a cutie!!

Nicki said...

Your little one is such a cutie! How old is she?