Friday, January 23, 2009

I am about to head out to see Patches. I decided this morning to check Cyr out of school. She has been very calm and hasn't said a single word about it other than every thing is OK. The other kids are having serious crying sessions. They are setting each other off one after another. Ava was in slo mo last night to the point I actually had to get involved. Usually I don't get involved and make it a game but the other kids couldn't do their homework on the table with all the dropped food on it. When she threw herself on the floor I picked her up under her sweaty pits and later she complained I scratched her under her arms. I looked to see and it is the same thing that happened the first summer. She is a sweaty child and she had worked herself up into a fit. When I put my 4 fingers under her arm to lift her off the floor they almost cause a suction and and when it releases it the skin is irritated. Does that make sense? It doesn't sound right written down but I can't think of how else to explain. It has to do with it being moist and it leaves a little line. You can tell it isn't a bruise or a scratch and that it was probably an accident but she insisted she was injured from me. I always worry she will make an allegation b/c she threatens to all the time. I put neosporin on it last night and this morning. I insisted she wear long sleeves hoping if no one mentioned it she would think to tell every one I hurt her so she could enjoy the drama.

My MIL is going to be here with Rosa to watch the kids. Rosa is perfectly able to but I wanted to be sure she had back up if she needed it. A lot is going on and to top it off, their Aunt M and Uncle F are coming tomorrow with his 2 teenagers. I love it when they come and usually the kids are OK.

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Kelly said...

Hope everything went okay today. Thinking of you.