Monday, January 26, 2009

We are currently up to 14 people not including Shyanne. Let me explain bedroom arrangements now and how we will rearrange to add her. My DH and I share a bed with Kiera even though she has a gorgeous crib just feet from our bed. Cyr and Patches share bunk beds in the room next to us. The little girls room is on the other side of us and contains 2 sets of bunk beds. Ruthie, Ava, and Ella share a triple bunk bed and Emma and Alyssa share a regular set. The boys have twin beds in another room next to theirs. Downstairs we have Rosa and Gia. My plan is to switch the big girls room with the boys and pull Ruthie in with the big girls so Shyanne can be with the little girls.

We have a 6th bedroom but we don't' use it for a bedroom b/c the kids like to be together. As they get older it will change and eventually Rosa will get back out on her own so they will have the opportunity to stretch out more. I think it is a comfort to them to be together right now, not to mention the entertainment value of having 4 room mates that are your age. Once Shyanne gets here we will have four 7 yr olds and a 6 yr old in that room.

I worry about the impact Frankee's Bi Polar is having on Shyanne. She still isn't on her meds and is rapidly cycling. I think Shyanne will have a hard time adjusting at first but will get right back into the routine. Frankee will have a much harder time adjusting to life in jail. I hope it will be a quick stay but she fears it will be up to a year. The plan is when she gets out she will take Shyanne back ASAP. I am hopeful she is able to get on meds there and begin to feel better, stronger.

Patches is doing fine. She washed her hair with soap instead of shampoo and can't get a comb through her hair. LOL At least she washed it. She seems in good spirits when we talk but never asks when she can come home. The kids here ask every hour, she is greatly missed.


Kelly said...

Thanks for answering my questions. Would love to see a pic of the triple bunk bed. Nothing like being cozy! :)

Glad to hear Patches is good but sad to hear she doesn't ask about coming home. How long do you suspect she will be there?

Four 7 year olds and a 6 in the same room. Glad it's you and not me.

cloudmaster said...

I don't know how you do it. You are truly amazing!