Thursday, January 15, 2009

Frankee Called

We haven't spoken since right after she left in January. She is sober and living with another female with 2 kids and she has Shyanne back. She says she is doing well and they help each other out. She is honest about her faults and weaknesses. She worries about her sobriety but seems to take responsibility for it. She is seeing her other daughter again and paying child support for her son. Those were overwhelming steps for her and I am proud she is following through with them.

She asked about every child individually and the new baby. She said they talk about us all the time and Shyanne writes the kids names on everything. She misses us. She wants to be a real part of our family and make it legal. What is it about kids that act like fools and leave on bad terms only to realize what they lost and come running home? She will never live with us again, I can assure you of that. She also knows I will always accept her calls and be willing to support her emotionally. Regardless of her issues, I love her unconditionally.

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