Thursday, January 15, 2009

At Last

We are home. Her MRI was normal and she didn't have any seizures during the 24 hour EEG. We are supposed to keep an eye on her and report ANY unusual activity. A whole lot of suffering for no answers.

I am struggling with my feelings for Kiera's mother. I am mad at her. I don't want to be around her. She stole from us over New Years and I know she is still using. She denies everything and makes herself the victim of everyone. They are all out to get her. She has power over us b/c it is just LG and that makes me mad, too. I never felt this way about Emma's mother. She had drug issues but she took responsibility for it. She made bad choices but never stole from us. I could trust her completely sober or not. She was honest about her sobriety. If I was unhappy about something, I could tell her and she would listen. This young woman likes the control. She is asking for money to get a ride here to see the baby. I would have offered Nikki but am offended when she asked. I guess I could see Nikki was a good parent down deep, she may have been lacking skills but she had a good heart. I can't see that in Jessica. I see the neglect and the excuses. I feel the fear of losing her b/c she gets mad at me. She told Nikki she would never sign away her rights, she plans on leaving the baby here until she turns 18 but I can't be her Mom. Kiera calls me Mommy b/c the other kids do. Jessica goes out of her way to call me Rachel after she asked what she calls me. The baby has no idea who Rachel is. Now she is asking to keep her over night again. I talked to her Gma last night and she refuses to let her come there b/c she stole the last time she was there. It will not go over well when I tell her no.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the kids gave Rosa a very hard time while I was gone. I suppose you could have guessed that, right? Ella and Emma were the only two that behaved. The others lied about their meds, wore inappropriate clothes to school, refused to clean up their rooms, threw fits, broke things, refused to do homework, refused to participate in class, and wet the bed. In other words, they treated her better than they treat me. LOL

I am glad to be back. I missed them so much. I am forcing Rosa to start walking with me. We both need the exercise and she is training for something that I will wait to post about. Anyone feel like cleaning? I have an entire house to keep you busy.


Lisa said...

So glad you're both home and things are calmer. I can't tell you how much better I slept after I talked with you last night. A born worrier I am. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think you need to give Jessica the rope to hang herself with. Allow her to take the baby and report any neglect or concerns that you have to the state ... you need to take steps to make sure that Kiera is in the best place for her *permanently* ... that is obviously with you.


skirbo said...

DFACS was already involved with the baby, correct? And they only closed because she was left with you / LG?

Wouldn't worry at all, so stand your ground. If mom tries to revoke, call DFACS yourself. They'll step in and the baby won't go anywhere.

Glad you guys are home.


Ashley said...

Wow- It's so hard to know what to say.

I'm pulling for you though- All of you

Gigi said...

It's soo frustrating to go through all those tests and not get any answers. Our MRI was abnormal, our 3 hour EEG showed some activity but no seizures, but of course when we had the 5 day EEG there was no activity. No answer on the newest 24 hr one yet. I hope you guys get the answers soon!

Kelly said...

So glad you are home and that they didn't find anything bad. I agree with the other comments that if the state was involved they won't let her take the baby. Hope things settle down and a fairy comes and cleans for you!