Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Visit and a New Kid

Aunt M and Uncle F came with his kids. We had to have a painful talk with them about their children. I was very pleased with how Aunt M took it but she felt she needed me to tell her DH b/c he would believe me. It was uncomfortable to say the least. They plan on having a chat with them before their next visit together.

The kids did really well, as usual. They still struggle to maintain personal space around them but are redirected easily.

Frankee and Shyanne are coming tomorrow for a couple of days before turning herself in. We need to get the LG signed and dealt with. She thinks she will be gone about a year. I am devastated for her. I have no idea where I will be putting Shyanne to sleep at. We need another bed and a room to put it. LOL We will manage.'


Kelly said...

Here you go and amaze me again. Oh my goodness. I have lost count of how many people are in your house. Could you include that in your next post. :) How big is your home? We just finished some minor construction to be able to add one more in our home. 10 people will be our limit. :)

How is Patches?

Innocent Observer said...

I remember why I love you so's because you are crazier than I am; no east feat! haha

I'm glad Shyanne is going to be back where she belongs. It's too bad she had to be gone from your home at all. All those grown kids of yours are beyond lucky to have you.

Carmine Crayon said...

She is so lucky to have you...

I'm sad that she was just getting it together and now this. Her decision to place Shyanne with you and turn herself in shows that she's becoming more responsible. But who knows what a year locked up might do to you? I can't remember, has she spent time behind bars before?