Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Confession

What a day I have had. After coffee and blogging we left for a much needed visit to the AT for Patches and Cyr. My back tire blew out. My coffee spilled on me. Patches had a 4 hour rage b/c she got caught stealing Gia's candy. In that order. Thank goodness Rosa was able to come get us a few at a time.

A very good thing happened and I am only telling you so that you can hold me accountable. I did something that I haven't done in 25 years. I did it while Patches raged uncontrollably (she wasn't hurting herself, only hating me). I think I will do it every time they rage (and are safe enough to be left unattended). I JOGGED. OK, I walked a lap around my field and then jogged a lap, walked and jogged, walked and jogged, and so on. You get the idea. I did it for 30-35 minutes. It felt great! For those of you who don't know me personally, I am 5'5" and somewhere around 200#. I haven't weighed myself so I may be closer to 210#. In other words, I am a fluffy girl. I will say that I am much smaller than the paternal side of my family. I am much larger (by an entire person) than my maternal side. They are all petite little boogers and I always felt huge compared to them. The bright side was I had boobs and they are nearly manly in that area. (That is and exaggeration but not by much) LOL I am lucky in the way that I had a great role model growing up. My Godmother was always a fluffy girl and she handled it so beautifully that I have no idea if it ever bothered her. To me she was gorgeous, perfect in every way. I don't recall her ever wearing make up or working outside her home. She was so cool b/c she listened to the Eagles and had an 8 track layer. I wanted to be just like her. I had no idea that meant having a my current butt.

Today wasn't spur of the moment. I have been pushing Rosa to walk with me and gotten a million excuses. If I was her size, I would make the effort either. I have been spending a bit of time over on Facebook and have had the pleasure of reconnecting with old friends. They are skinny! I used to be skinny. I used to be moderately hot. I am no longer luke warm. The other reason I have been keeping to myself for no other reason than I am afraid I will jinx her. Rosa has committed to join the Police Academy. She has a ton of paperwork to complete and she has to get in shape. I think she is going in the end of March. I am so proud of her. She is so scared. I think she is scared to succeed. She has been a victim for far too long and this will give her instant power. It will scare the Hell out of her soon to be Ex. He is terrified of cops. She is really excited to walk out one day with her gun on and casually mention going to the shooting range. It is a vision she plans on using to get through the tough times in her training. Anyhow, I now have the carrot to get her moving with me in the yard. I am not afraid to manipulate.

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Lisa said...

I sure would like to be less fluffy. Swear I couldn't catch a break because maternal and paternal sides are all skinny minnies. Blech. I have no idea what happened. Maybe I'm the milkman's. ;-) I'm taller so I can stretch it out a bit but it still stinks. Not enough to motivate me though.

I am so proud of Rosa!