Wednesday, July 23, 2008

There Must be an Award

I had an early morning IEP for Ruthie and she will be promoted to the 4th grade. She didn't pass the CRCT but she was closer than ever. She is being promoted through her MID program and will continue to receive individual help with all her subjects. I asked if they would please consider taking the kids this week instead of waiting until the 4th. They didn't take me seriously.

Patches is going back to school and we went to enroll her today. I figured they had all the paperwork and it was just a simple switch but they want a copy of her attendance, the declaration of intent to homeschool, and a utility bill. I will be back in there tomorrow to drop everything off. The kids were a bit nervous being surrounded by officers, they must have folks go off up there, there were at least 6 officers around the room. Ruthie asked if we were at the jail, sure felt like it.

Emma's sister, Kalee, will be visiting us. She is coming today. I think she will go home Friday. I love that child. Our home is very different from her home and she tends to complain to get her way. I hope she doesn't starve while she is here. If there was an award for Most Likely to Hate My Cooking, she would win.

We had a horrible storm here last night. I have never witnessed so much thunder and lightening so close. We have a lot of branches down. It gives me an excuse to send the kids out to clean up their misc. toys or cups and move the branches off to the woods. They really need to get busy on those blueberry bushes, too.

Any volunteers to clean my house?


Anonymous said...

How intimidating to have all those police officers at an IEP meeting! And how sad if that is necessary!

Wendi said...

I am lost... why all the officers?

Ummm... I could come clean your house, but who would clean mine??

I have a 'most likely to hate everything if it involves food' kid... it is rather annoying. Thankfully he doesn't complain about anything else, or I would be forced to pull the plug. Or hide in the pantry eating brownies... one or the other...

Michelle said...

When did you start homeschooling? ...I thought I had read your blog top to bottom. Hmmmm. I will have to search this out later!