Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Sometimes I don't think as I write, I assume you all can read my mind. Earlier I didn't explain that I was at 2 different places for the IEP and registration. The IEP was at the school and then we went to the county office, that is where we saw ll the officers. Try to keep up people. LOL

Kalee is here and has been very nice. She has a migraine and refused medicine until bedtime. Poor girl has been really quiet.

Ruthie and I were watching The Soup and she quietly told me she isn't going to see her parents again. I thought it was a question until I looked at her face. It was a statement. She has been back and forth with this, she loves them so much. She asked who was going to keep her safe after she was 50. Puzzled, I asked her what she was talking about. Last week, she told me she wasn't going to leave here until she was 50 and I told her I needed that in writing. It has been bothering her since, who would keep her safe? I reassured her she could stay forever and she asked for me to put it in writing. She is so funny.

My Dh won tickets to a movie premiere and dinner at Outback next week for telling the entire city that our kids had lice for the first year they were home. Horrible, huh? It was awful and now embarrassing. He was not quite accurate about our ordeal but it was as he recalled it. I think they gave him the tickets b/c they felt bad for us. We so rarely get out, I am looking forward to it.

Lisa A., will you be attending the RAD dinner Friday?

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Lisa said...

Hey Tudu!
I can't on Friday. Chrissi is on vacation so I don't have a sitter. Damn it! I actually forgot to respond to Tanya with all the stuff that's been going on.
I'll be there next month though...
I'm so excited for you on the premiere and what a sweetie that Ruthie is!