Monday, July 14, 2008

Smurf's Disease

I am turning into a smurf. I have my nieces here for the week while Kiki is in Savannah for a Chief's Conference. I love it when they are here but this time I was asked to dye their hair blue. This is right up my alley as an aunt and I agreed to do it. Of course, now I have to do half my kids' hair. too. Last night we spent a few hours bleaching out the girls' hair that was black before we could put the violet color on. First step went well. Second step is a semi-permanent color so I didn't put on the gloves thinking it would wash off. I was wrong. This is after I washed, no scrubbed is more accurate, for about 10 minutes.

Their hair is really cute but faded a lot so it will require another dose today after the pool. I didn't do their entire head, only a small portion of their hair at their neck and above their ears. It is really cute when they put it up in a pony tail, otherwise you can't even tell. My son now has a purple mohawk. It looks like he was rolling around in the blueberry bushes. This combined with his black painted finger and toe nails, he is beginning to look a bit rock n rollish. I figure it is summer and this is a way for him to get himself "fixed up" like the girls and still look like he is a boy so my DH doesn't "comment" to me me. I have drawn the line at make up in public but he is free to wear it around the house b/c the girls are. I told him later I would do it for him so he looked like he is part of a band. Dad is gonna die when he sees that.

I hope Patches and Ruthie are having a blast at their Nanny's house. I sure miss them. It's funny how empty the house can feel when one of my kids are gone. You would think I had so many I wouldn't notice.


Tudu's MIL said...

Your kids are having a blast. They went to the gym today and watched their nanny work out with the PT. It was kinda funny to see Ruthie watch us. We went to the park this a.m. but it was so hot they wanted to come home. Tomorrow we go back to the gym then to Stacy's in the afternoon to swim. Sorry, but they do miss you and Dad. Your MIL

Carmine Crayon said...

I have to see pictures of the hair!

Tudu said...

Their hair is fading dramatically with every wash. I will try to get a decent picture after their hair dries tomorrow.