Sunday, July 06, 2008

An Early Morning Getaway

I got Cyr, Emma, and Ruthie up early this morning and we snuck away to Waffle House. I have been craving it since I read about Theresa's kids bugging her about it, I think it was Theresa. It was so good, anything, even if it is smothered in grease or should I say especially smothered in grease is great when it is served to you. It is so cheap for me to sneak away with a few of them at a time, we ate for $20 including tip.

After our bellies were full we ran to Walmart for few groceries. They were so well behaved, no one was run over with the cart or complained about being ready to go once. They rarely ever ask for things anymore so that part is always a breeze. I found book bags cheap and since school doesn't start for another month I decided to go ahead and get them while the pickings were good. I picked out 3 smaller ones for $5 each for all 3 1st graders and got the other kids regular size ones for $10 each. They are colorful and cute. Everyone was pleased.

One thing I have learned is that if I buy something and bring it to them, they love it. If I take them shopping, they always like the expensive stuff. I usually do almost all the clothes and shoe shopping alone and bring them home to try on. They are NEVER disappointed and have no idea I bought only off the extreme sale rack. I also love to shop at thrift stores like Salvation Army and Goodwill, SA has 1/2 off on Wednesdays. I hardly ever even look at their shirts, I buy jeans, shorts, and jackets there and supplement with new shirts at Old Navy, Sears, and The Children's Place. It is almost time to buy new tennis shoes and I will have their feet measured at Walmart and then later go shopping by myself, some of it I will do online but most is in the stores so I can return it if they hate them or need to adjust the size quickly. I am so glad most of my kids have no sense style b/c it would make my job so much harder.

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Anonymous said...

I always get the kids their back packs at land's end or LL bean.

That way they last 2 years or more.

I washed the oldest's back pack and it looks brand new. She will get a bigger one next year for 2nd grade and most likely, her sister will be using this one next year for kindergarten.

I wish I could find nice clothes at our local used shops but I never have that luck. I just look for sales and coupons and shop that way.

Oh and you may want to try for shoes. They have brand names and there are always promo codes floating around.

Marthavmuffin said...

I find the greatest bargains at thrift stores! SA's Wed half off day is fantasic - Why do you skip the tops Tudu? I find the greatest tops and bottoms for $1, and sometimes find Kids Crocs for $2 or $3, and kids pools shoes. I also go to our local Hubbard house thrift store, where most of their kids clothes are $1 regularly (except 'boutique' items; and every day is some kind of special, like half off or BOGO. Lately I have also bought myself a new wardrobe in the thrifts stores as well - Capris for $2 and up to date blouses for $4! My hubby also gets $2 golf shirts and pants.

Tudu said...

I have rarely found a decent top in a thrift store. So many are just worn down or have stains. I can find them so cheap new that it really isn't worth it to me. I forgot to mention that my best deal is my MIL, she is always dropping off bags full of clothes that the kids grab and run with.

Diane said...

I understand your system of never buying articles of clothing when the kids are with you. I have noticed the same thing. If I just go by myself and buy clothes for everyone, usually everybody is happy. If they go with me, we spend hours looking at and evaluating styles. I only take them with me when absolutely necessary. It's nice to know I'm within the "normal" range in this category of motherhood!


Lisa said...

Hey Tudu!
This is from my smelly post.....
J used to have that smell but this is strictly gas. Hear & smell any ideas?????