Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Bday Party

Emma and Michale went to my MIL's house over the weekend and will attending Emma's sister's bday party today. Actually, this very minute they are arriving. My MIL is so funny, she took both the kids to get their nails done. My son loves to have his nails painted so all summer I have kept both his toes and fingers painted black. My DH does not even try to understand has decided to not say anything else about it. My MIL didn't like the black and took him to have them redone in blue. LOL Apparently, that made it less "rocker dude" for her.

She is such a trooper for taking them to the party full of people she doesn't really know and she does this with a smile. I don't know of anyone else with such patience and flexibility with our children. When we had teens she always accepted them without questions for as long as they chose to be with us. When they pop back in our lives, she acts as if they never left. She is wonderful at making them all feel welcome. She has been a rock for all of us throughout this adoption and has become a very important resource for our children.

The kicker is she is also willing to accept Emma's sisters as her own, again w/o question. After this party she will be bringing both Emma's sisters to her house and the oldest will come here w/o Emma for a few days. She she is so parentified and is used to no rules even though her mother is desperately trying to implement them now that she is parenting sober. Emma and Gracie will stay on at Nanny's for a few days and then on to her mothers for a couple more.


Wendi said...

Yes, she sounds like an amazingly patient woman. Not all MIL's are like that- mine is far more 'work'. My sister in law has an adopted older sibling and once she introduced everyone and added the 'adopted' to her introduction. I was MORTIFIED. She is an adult- she needs no designation. But as it was, this older sibling was in and out of trouble, issues with drugs, etc. So I guess she felt it necessary to 'explain'. I warned my husband that she better never do it again, I will be adjusting her! So hug your MIL extra tight- she deserves it!

MJ said...

What a queen! Treasure her. My Mil was great too and I still miss her

Maia said...

It's great that you have family who are so supportive!

Kath said...

Your MIL sounds like an amazing person :)

And the nail varnish thing sounds just exactly like something my Nana would do!

FatcatPaulanne said...

Wow, what a great mother-in-law. She's a treasure.