Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Emma

Patches is having a very difficult time this weekend. She pitched a huge fit yesterday and today trying to sabatoge herself with my nieces here. She always humiliates the other children about their wetting issues in front of others. I think it is to take the ficus off of her but it ends up really hurting the other kid's feelings for being outed for no reason. That was yesterday and I was "entertained"for well over 2 hours with hair pulling, scratching, and punching. Usually I ask her to do this in her room but with the new information I asked her to stay on the sofa next to me and to my surprise, she did. She hurt herself b/c she felt bad about hurting her sister's feelings, how sad is that? I hurt you so now I will hurt myself. She has huge claw marks up and down her arms, she drew blood. Once she comes back to reality, she is fine for the day.

Of course we had to wake up today and start all over. She was asked to spend the night at my MIL's and she got frustrated about getting her clothes together. I asked her to wear her sandals and pack 3 out fits. Their clothes are stacked in outfits so it is as simple as taking the first 6 things in the pile. It took her an hour and I began to lose my patience when she couldn't find her shoes. Eventually, the entire family got in on the search. I showed her a bucket in the playroom with shoes in it (I have no idea why they were there) and she took about 60 seconds to take the 8 steps tothe bucket and then she picked up her sister's shoe and stared at it. I told ehr to try again, in a firm voice and tried to tug on her Tshirt to bend back over. I missed and got a patch of hair. I barely tugged and she started filpping out. In no way could this have been painful or abusive, I barely touched the hair before I realized it was hair and not her shirt, which I was barely going to tug at. I apologized as she began flopping on the floor screaming. I couldn't contain myself and actually laughed out loud at how ridiculous she was being. She ran to her room and several of us followed b/c now we were moving on to packing for a new kid since she obviously would not make it. Em had asked if she could go. We packed while Patches beat herself up in the corner and you will never guess what was in the closet ON TOP IF EVERYTHING? Her sandals. She could not have opened the closet or they would have bitten her. She later, much later, agreed she didn't even look in the closet even though I asked her to several times.

Today is Em's birthday, she is 7. She is such a joyful child, I am grateful to be one of her Mom's. Yesterday was her younger sister, Gracie's 6th birthday. Her Mother couldn't make Em's 1st birthday party b/c she was in the hospital. She hasn't missed one since and we coordinate their celebrations so they can be there for both.

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greenrobin said...

"I think it is to take the ficus off of her"

I realize this is just a typo, but I promise, I got a vision of the poor child under a potted ficus and I thought, "Yeah, I'd do whatever it takes to get out from under a tree, too!"