Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Grass is Always Greener

We have the Bond Hearing on Thursday and the kids will be staying with their former foster mother for the afternoon. Afterwards I will be taking them to meet their cousins and Aunt M2 for the first time. This is their mother's brother's wife, her dd, and their 14 yr old dd that no one knew about until last year. Same child their parents have been "babysitting". We are all thrilled to meet them. It will be a very long day for us, I am sure we won't be home until after dark.

We spent the day at the pool. I love hearing my oldest and my niece argue about how cool the other's mom is. They both think they got the short end of the stick and their's is too strict. LOL My niece thinks I am the best!

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Michelle said...

Nothing like a niece to boost our auntie ego's. My niece always thinks I'm the best and my home is just perfect. HA! My kids have always thought their aunt was soooo much more fun than me, lol.