Friday, July 04, 2008

The kids are playing store and it never fails, someone is a foster kid and someone is a CW. I wonder if that will ever change.

Jace and Elvis are under my chair, this is their spot when I get on the computer. They are so darn cute sitting under there panting away.

We picked these last weekend and made a Blueberry Cobbler that was eaten in one sitting before I could take my "after" photo. The kids claim to not like them but sure were eager to eat them up. We have 16 blueberry bushes in our yard and I am sure we will be eating them until we are all sick of them.


My name is Andy. said...

Tudu, I'll have to send you a real Nova Scotian recipe for blueberry grunt!

Tudu said...

I am open to any and all recipes for blueberries. Bring them on.