Friday, July 18, 2008

Real Quick

I have so much to share. We had a long, hard day with the bond hearing and visit with their entire maternal family. I just didn't want to make you wait until tomorrow to hear that the Judge set the bond at $75,000. They are not able to come up with property or money to get out and will remain incarcerated until they go in front of the Grand Jury. Turns out this is the highest bond this Judge has ever given and every one there was very pleased he took the kids letters so seriously.

I learned some really funny stuff about their family. A little teaser, for Papa's (maternal gpa) 50th birthday the family got together for a party. Two people went to jail, there were 2 fights (2 boys and 2 girls), someone broke his leg, someone was shot, and another left town. I will never drink with these people and I asked to be left out of all their gatherings!!!! Oh, my kids were at this shindig and remember it.

Did I mention I really like these people? Yes, they get a bit redneck with booze but sober they are very kind to us. LOL


Anonymous said...

agreed that they should not be partied with and YEE HAW for the 75 grand bail!!!

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious....sounds just like my sister in laws family. She told me that when they have family reuninions, the local police department LITERALLY has extra officers on duty just for them. She also said everyone she's ever been to, someone has needed to be bailed out of jail. Luckily, she decided years ago to no longer go to the family reunions,lol. It's funny though...I think there was incest and such in her family as well.

Tudu said...

Yep, that sounds like them alright.